War and Rumors of War

Men wag tongues, wave swords
Raise the roof with arguments for truth
And God help us
A pink sky slowly burns
From color bombs bursting in air
Hot and cold
Colors contribute to the mixed up
Majesty of celestial art
Peace prevails
All is quiet on this Southern front
Where the other cheek turns
And we delight in
A salty peace
Brown pelicans thunder overhead
This is the world
In which I work and play
But world’s away
Mankind connects, threaded by one flesh
Linking hands around a fallen
World, awaken by grief
Thundering loud
A cry of war and rumors of war
One solitary broken heart for peace

One thought on “War and Rumors of War

  1. so hard to figure out how wars around the world can be impacted by lil ole me…but I know that silence is even worse then not doing something.
    I like your reflections on where you find yourself and how you know in some way through the life blood of being human you are connected with those upon who war is imminent.

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