Both Sides Of My Mouth: Lamentations and Praise

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Both Sides Of My Mouth: Lamentations and Praise

Don’t call me duplicitous
Call me human
As I look to the Divine
Rent in two
Ripped and torn
Half here and half there
With a mouth full of lamentations and praise
I have pushed the cheek full of both
The tongue is muted in the mystery of the days
Hoarding the praise, as if it would leave me wanting
Malnourished because of its lack
In a diet
Heavy with lamenting

Heat and heavy hang in the air
It is summer and it is the South
But it is filled with grief and loss
So it is heavier and hotter and more burdensome this year
Rife with pain
Heat and heavy hang here
Suspended in the invisible netting of  time

But I have a place to hold on to both’s and and’s
Do not call me names
Filled with an unknowing
The Psalmists knows this place well
Where they dwell
Across the pages
One from the other
Lamentations and Praise

I will raise a hand to wipe a tear
And I will raise another to point to that which is worthy of praise

Side by side
Prayers running over the cup
I am weak and can barely lift it to my
Two lips
One whispers grief
One praise

Lift the cup for me
And I will life the cup for you
I am drying tears
They mix with sweat on the brow of the mourners

We cannot turn the page, yet
We are called into a time of grief
Joy will come in the mourning

Somewhere Between Lamentations and The Psalms


Somewhere Between Lamentations and The Pslams

I am dancing between the pages
Of Lamentations
More of a slow forced march
I would rather laugh
Like a crow, turned toward the sky
At the sun pouring in
At the squirrel on his high wire act
At bird chasing a cat
And a dog chasing his tail.

But I am in the pages of weeping
Where the heart plays the re-runs
And the soul forgets the grace
And mercy drips from the faucet
Like summer’s drought.

I know there are pages to turn
And the fingers are quick
But the heart is slow

To find itself in the
Pages of rejoicing

But when I recall
The chapters of joy
Highlighted and hope
And a three year girl
Who called them P saums

Then I am in the pages
The ones filled with the love
Of Christ
The wiper of tears
And today they are mine

Joining my beauty seeking friend Laura and on Thursday with Lyli.