Somewhere Between Lamentations and The Psalms


Somewhere Between Lamentations and The Pslams

I am dancing between the pages
Of Lamentations
More of a slow forced march
I would rather laugh
Like a crow, turned toward the sky
At the sun pouring in
At the squirrel on his high wire act
At bird chasing a cat
And a dog chasing his tail.

But I am in the pages of weeping
Where the heart plays the re-runs
And the soul forgets the grace
And mercy drips from the faucet
Like summer’s drought.

I know there are pages to turn
And the fingers are quick
But the heart is slow

To find itself in the
Pages of rejoicing

But when I recall
The chapters of joy
Highlighted and hope
And a three year girl
Who called them P saums

Then I am in the pages
The ones filled with the love
Of Christ
The wiper of tears
And today they are mine

Joining my beauty seeking friend Laura and on Thursday with Lyli.

9 thoughts on “Somewhere Between Lamentations and The Psalms

  1. This touches me:
    “Highlighted by hope
    And a three year girl
    Who called them P saums”
    I can just hear that. 🙂

    In my daily Bible reading, I’m always amazed at how there is always something–maybe sometimes it’s very tiny–that stands out with a special meaning. Even in Lamentations we can find grace. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this today.

  2. I want the joy pages, too – the hope, the saving – but unless I go through places like Lamentations – I don’t really hunger for it, do I! I am so glad He wipes my tears – and that children learn the books of the bible!

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