A Poet’s Prayer

wpid-IMG_20130430_184203.jpgSome of those songwriters
Man they slay me
Lassoing words up into something that goes round for eternity on repeat in your soul
Speaking words of wisdom
About world turning
And missing Mayberry, sitting on the front porch

When will the noteless poet penetrate words
Through the film of hurting humanity
Words of George asking Jane to stop this crazy thing
They too, plant into the culture deep roots of permanency.

Some of those songwriters
Man they nail it
With someone left the cake out in the rain
We live a lifetime repeating nonsense

Or remembering bridges over troubled waters
And never seeing friendship the same way again
Can a poet reign in a heart and cup it toward glory
Toward  all He is and made and does and loves

Some of those songwriters
Man they knock it out of the park
Taking words and sending them out onto the dance floor partnered with notes
To waltz and shag and boogey with words that we
Remember, memories like the corners of my mind

Can a noteless word dance in the silence, buoy
Grab hold of  the hopeless and the beauty seeker
The longing one, the lonely one, the one following after
The heart of God.

Man those guys from Nashville, they really crush it
Dice and slice words on a blank page pair them with music
And give us beauty we remember forever
Can a poet in 2103 show His glory Hallelujah in the quiet

In the quiet of a place
When the music stops
Can the words alone
Pull back the lids of a complacent heart

And sing a song of noteless beauty

And whisper amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

Lord, give me words that soar and dance on the edges of the heavenlies
Or send me packing
Maybe to Nashville

There Is Light In The Dark

Today my words are drawn from the inspiration of my niece, Caroline, who is seen and heard in this video. As she paints to the music of Mat Kearney, Breathe in, Breathe Out, I see the beautiful. And so I write.


There Is  Light In The Dark

You know my every breath
The shallow breathing times were the hardest
And the times I held my breath in fear, the stronghold, grip, on me
But fresh the air you gave, new the winds  blew in
Restoring peace
You knew the tension, knotted, held, locked tight the lungs
You saw the rattling, ratcheted up-beat of the racing breaths
Too, many, too often
Many times you caught and captured the release in the exhale
Went deep into my lungs, with love
Air of Hope
Breath of Life
Whisper new breath into my deepest places
Make new the stale air
Form new, Your spirit in me
Freeing me to breathe deep
A life which
All things
Through and by the very breath you give
Breath of Hope



Joining emily today for Imperfect Prose. Today’s prompt is Light.

(Postscript – This post was originally published on January 18, 2013. When I go back and listen to music, watch Caroline paint to the words and melody of the artist and interpret I am deeply moved. And as I re-read the poem I wrote in conjunction with Caroline’s painting and Mat’s art, I choose to submit this offering to the  Imperfect Prose community  today. May the light shine bright in my eyes as I look to live in love, write of grace, and make art that honors Him. The original post title was Breathe Hope. I have changed it to  There is  Light In The Dark.

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And Heaven And Nature And We All Sing, An Advent Prayer

Hem in my heart that it would be wholly focused on You, beating to a rhythm of an Advent life

Hem in my words that they may speak only  blessing,  gentle peace, exuberant joy inspired by you

Hem in my mind that I would dwell on Your birth, Your life and Your transformative grace

Hem in my home, that we would live God honoring, Light giving, and Soul nourishing in this and every season.

And hem me in, by your power and not mine alone.

Glory and Honor to You

Bust open our hearts and prepare Him plenty of room

While Heaven and Nature and all God’s people sing,

Loudly, Joyously

With Hymns of Praise

Singing a Hemmed in Amen


trees, moss, bluewpid-IMG_20120716_160222.jpgwpid-2012-07-02-11.58.48.jpg

In My Dreams I Play A Song

In my dreams I play a song on a keyboard, piano
Not keys drab and gray.
And sing for you a song of hope with words,
They are my notes.
But oh how I wish that they would sound
Like music to your ears
The sharps the flats, allegro con brio
Beautiful chords played by dancing fingers on piano,
Ivories, like flying love gifts up and away, dolce
Kite tail like they waft and drift up to the
Heavens and to your ears.
In my dreams I play a song on the black and white
Keys that strike the chords of harmony and rifts
Up and down they dance in line, a beautiful song.
And I would play a song back straight on the bench
Hovered over piano shiny black
Not keyboard Macbook back lit.
No it would be a baby grand and there I would
Pour out my heart in song to you and let the notes
Sing and sway right to your soul.
And sing, like tender lullaby a song of
Hope and Longing, poco allegro.
But this is what I have instead
My words, not notes, not song
So dream with me that they are music
And listen while I play for you
A love song, a hope song, a grace song
As gift, that in the downbeat you would know
In my dreams I play a song on keys, piano,
Just for you.

(photo credit: wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons)