And Heaven And Nature And We All Sing, An Advent Prayer

Hem in my heart that it would be wholly focused on You, beating to a rhythm of an Advent life

Hem in my words that they may speak only  blessing,  gentle peace, exuberant joy inspired by you

Hem in my mind that I would dwell on Your birth, Your life and Your transformative grace

Hem in my home, that we would live God honoring, Light giving, and Soul nourishing in this and every season.

And hem me in, by your power and not mine alone.

Glory and Honor to You

Bust open our hearts and prepare Him plenty of room

While Heaven and Nature and all God’s people sing,

Loudly, Joyously

With Hymns of Praise

Singing a Hemmed in Amen


trees, moss, bluewpid-IMG_20120716_160222.jpgwpid-2012-07-02-11.58.48.jpg

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