Saying Yes and Saying No

This week I started a study on simplicity. And I began de-cluttering. And I am finishing some writing projects and starting some new ones. And I am putting more on my calendar than I usually place there. Because life is rich and full. Life is complicated and wonderful and simple. There is a place of discerning balance between entering in and holding back. Saying yes, a warm and loud yes, and saying a humble and wise no. 

A no that feels holy and sacred. That restrains in order to give later, to hold back now in order to invest more later. To manage our resources and energy well is to steward the gift, well.

May you and I find refuge and strength to soak in the good, withstand the times of loneliness and pain with grace. And to step into His will with wisdom.

May we be restored by the flames of His fiery love and goodness. And have eyes wide open to notice all His gifts, His sovereignty and sacrifice as we move into the Holidays. The ones where we celebrate all His gifts. May we be mindful daily of the greatest gift, the sacred one of His Holy Birth. Daily, bending the knee, daily bending the ear, bowing at the throne of our Lord. God, the King. God, our Rescuer. God redeemer and lover of our souls.

Amen. With Thanksgiving hearts and praises, words of yes. And whispers, sometimes, of a wise, well-thought-out and discerning no.


Joining Deidra at her beautiful blog home, Jumping Tandem. Oh how I have missed this community.

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A Southern Psalm


A Southern Psalm

Lord have mercy
You are so very good to me
Ya’ll know He knows what we need
But I get stuck like pluff mud in what I want.

Lord have mercy
What would I do without You.

You save me from myself
Over and over again, more ways and times
Than I can shake a stick at
You delight in me and straighten my path
You make my way straighter than
A Tri-Delta’s flat-ironed hair.

Yes ma’am, His love is unfailing
Just like clockwork
He faithfully keeps watch over me
The grandfather clock in the front hall
Passed down to me, tick tock-ing away
Day after day
The one that’s been in my family for years
Has nothing on You, oh Lord.

You lighten my load
I can bring all the heaviness of my day to You
You alone take the weight of my life on yourself
And I rise up like hot biscuits dripping in butter, then soaked in honey
Fresh from the oven
Because of who You are.

Glory be You are great and good
Worthy of praise
I rise up and lay down
In a bed of fresh clover under the Magnolia tree
I gaze up
Look left and look right
The whole world
Down to the red clay earth is full of your glory.

There is not a secret family recipe
More precious than You.
Not one handed down
Not The best pound cake recipe in the whole world.
More valuable and treasured
Are You, oh God
A million times a million more treasured is Your loving kindness.

There is not a day that goes by
That I am not reminded of your unfailing grace
Everything I have is from your hand
Oh Lord, have mercy
My red solo cup of sweet tea spills over with your

Your gifts are too precious
Too numerous to name
Even the yellow lab
And the black one too
Oh heck, I can’t forget the chocolate lab
Even they are counted among your gifts to us.
What joy you give your children.
We are blessed, so blessed.
I am not even kidding.

A gold embossed monogrammed  thank you card falls short
Where do I go and what do I give
To express my thanks adequately to You.

Lord, I give you my life.
Lord I give you my love.

Lord have mercy, You are a great and mighty God.
I could sing Amazing Grace at the top of my lungs
All five verses or is it four
From the front pew
And it would fall short of the praise due You.

But I will try
Until the day I die
To tell You
You bless my socks off

And  Lord
Have mercy on me
When I fall short
And let you down

Forgive me my sins
And help me make a fresh start
Fresh as sheets flapping on the backyard clothes line
I want my soul to be with you
Clean and shiny
As grandmother’s  just polished silver on Christmas Eve
I want my transgressions washed away
Down the drain with Ivory soap bubbles.

I lay down my life
At the foot of your cross
And I will tell you one thing
You are good, so very, very  good.
Precious is Your name to me.

Can I get a loud Amen.
To the ends of the Earth
And back again
The Amens and Hallelujah choruses
Echo again and again
Down the white picket fence lined streets
Every heart shall turn itself to praise.

Precious Lord
Have mercy
Yes sir
You are worthy of praise and glory.
And all God’s people say a loud Amen.
Yes ma’am they do.


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Be Still Sweet Soul

Sometimes the dull, dropped, dark dank, leaves of fall

Lie broken under foot,

Like death,

Busted like dry bones crackle.

And sometimes

The path through canopy of trees,

The wood’s own trail of life

Seems paved with aged confetti,

Strewn from spring’s gay party on the path.

The leaves the same, the framing changed.

It is both and it is nature’s way,

A cycle of seasons

Under foot and heavenward

And all around.

The woods tell stories, whispered

Stories. Listen and

Be still sweet soul,

In all and know that He is


While you wonder,

While you wander,

And while you still sit

In weathered chair, of life,

Be still sweet one

And know.

Joining Deidra for her lovely Sunday Community.

Bathed In Light

Friends, He has us, holds us, loves us, cares for us, hears us, cradles us, lifts us, remembers us, and the darkness is kicked to the curb.

Radiant Alleluia’s and Brilliant Amen’s.

Celebrating His Light and His Love with you today.

May His light shine bright in the darkest of hearts, the darkest of moments and the darkest of places today and tomorrow. And for ever and ever, so brightly amen.


Joining Deidra’s community today.