Bathed In Light

Friends, He has us, holds us, loves us, cares for us, hears us, cradles us, lifts us, remembers us, and the darkness is kicked to the curb.

Radiant Alleluia’s and Brilliant Amen’s.

Celebrating His Light and His Love with you today.

May His light shine bright in the darkest of hearts, the darkest of moments and the darkest of places today and tomorrow. And for ever and ever, so brightly amen.


Joining Deidra’s community today.

15 thoughts on “Bathed In Light

  1. One of my favorite descriptions of our Lord is “Light”. I circle that word every time I see it in my Bible. Sometimes it’s just everydayness… and sometimes it’s His wonderfulness. I truly will always prefer that wonderful deLIGHTful word.

  2. So thankful that His light reaches even the darkest corners of my heart. He illuminates my life, gives me hope and a future. This is beautiful, thank you.

  3. I most especially like the photo under the sun umbrella! 🙂
    Thanks for your kind comment on my photo and verse.

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