Rolling, Rolling, Rolling- A Reflective, Part 1

Life looks different in the looking back, from the reflective posture.

The way you look back over the simmering of the events, the narrative of days, unfolding, shades the past with different colors of a back traveling mind.


The heart, the mind, the soul have time to envelope the days of the life in a love note.

Stamp it, seal it up.

Mail if off to the memory holder of the heart, to treasure forever.

This is the way of a life, and this is the way of this adventure.

The one in June. We boarded at the last minute, not the final minute, but late by standards of planners and plotters.

We packed our expectancy, excitement in bags, zipped up our longing for adventure in a sack of joy.

So in the marinating back over a journey of the heart and body, it takes time to sort it out.

We process, look back in love, look back in time, look back in longing.

And the wheels of the heart go rolling, rolling,  rolling back over it all like a wooden pin on biscuit dough. Like the wheels on that bus we boarded in June, in Brooklyn.

We live life forward but we go diving for treasure in the past, sometimes, we do.

For a buried memory, a tucked away time and place, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is not once after all, because of rolling back in memory.

We pick through the memories like birds at the feeder, knowing there is delicious nourishment in the mix, finding it, pulling it out and savoring it deep in the soul.

Tasting and seeing that He is good.

The eyes of the poet’s heart tread lightly through the story. Waits to tell when her heart feels it is just right.

Unveiling memories like red velvet curtain on the stage, the players, the memories must be ready to step out and step forth.

So it is with this.

There is a poem brewing. Will you come back and back journey with me through this piece of me, piece of my life.

Until then, Nathan Lee, a very talented artist has produced this documentary.

I share this piece of me. As I write in my heart what will spill on the page, tomorrow.

Joining Laura and Michelle.

And with Ann at a holy experience dot com

And Jen at finding heaven today

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Hungry For Some Poetry


In the living is discovery. And in the discovery lies the gift.

We but pick it up. And cup it gentle, cup it tender.

Hold it loose, not gripping hard the fresh young shoots of green, gift growing gentle.

And so it is with poems, little bits, morsels for the mouth and heart.

Pick one up and hold it to the light

To see what in the turning round may yet be revealed.

Little secrets tucked in tight. Little clues to life and love.


How precious they that found me waiting.

I was not sure, what I was hungry for.

Craving ravenous in my soul,

Until they climbed aboard,

This life.

Held strong like barnacles biting down and gripping hard

To the bottom of my boat.

Or was it to the bottom of my heart.

The poems and I.

Or is it I who bite the bottom of the poem and hold on tight,

Catching a ride with it on the ocean of mighty words,

Wild and free,

Floating on the mighty sea of words.

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