Hungry For Some Poetry


In the living is discovery. And in the discovery lies the gift.

We but pick it up. And cup it gentle, cup it tender.

Hold it loose, not gripping hard the fresh young shoots of green, gift growing gentle.

And so it is with poems, little bits, morsels for the mouth and heart.

Pick one up and hold it to the light

To see what in the turning round may yet be revealed.

Little secrets tucked in tight. Little clues to life and love.


How precious they that found me waiting.

I was not sure, what I was hungry for.

Craving ravenous in my soul,

Until they climbed aboard,

This life.

Held strong like barnacles biting down and gripping hard

To the bottom of my boat.

Or was it to the bottom of my heart.

The poems and I.

Or is it I who bite the bottom of the poem and hold on tight,

Catching a ride with it on the ocean of mighty words,

Wild and free,

Floating on the mighty sea of words.

I am joinging some bloggers over at Tweetspeak Poetry, a premier play-place for poets, word lovers, artists and photographers. They are a poetry daily and an award-winning press and the fine confectioners of

We’re sweetening the world with a little poetry, once a month here with a blog post. I’ll be tweeting some wordcandy to friends and followers. And sweetness will pop up on Facebook and Pinterest too.

8 thoughts on “Hungry For Some Poetry

    1. Ashley, thanks friend. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s prompt. Do we know the word Amber has chosen yet. That you are reading my crippled poetry is gift. Thanks for that. Glad we feel the same way about poetry. Loving it.

  1. Totally impressed. Poetry must be a gene that skips a generation, cuz my mom can do it, but I sure can’t! Maybe there’s hope for my daughters, eh? 🙂
    This was beyond lovely. So deep and rhythmic and . . . just delicious.

    1. Kelli, I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Can you hear it. You take your pen and you go try some poetry girl. You can do it. Bless ya. Happy to be journeying with you on this writing path in this big bloggy world.

  2. Elizabeth…this right here. Feed the place that births these words. This telling of how you create or, perhaps more true, how you are created in the process, is glorious. Let us be partners in holding each other’s words up to the light, cupping them gentle and loose, then releasing them to the world. So excited to be walking this path with you, my friend.

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