Three’s Company – A Momma, A Girl, and Our God

Psalm 19:1 – God’s Glory is on tour in the skies, God-crafted on exhibit across the horizon.”

Psalm 19:7-  The revelation of GOD is  whole and pulls our lives together.  The signposts of GOD are clear and point out the right road.

Psalm 98:1 – Sing to GOD a brand-new song.  He’s made a world of wonders! He rolled up his sleeves, He set things right.

We are traveling back from a short but action filled mother daughter time away.
Weary and in need of rest we hunger for home and all that is to us.
Comfort, nourishment, routine, fellowship, strength of my husband, the love of her dad.
These blessings are miles away but we are journey weary and fatigued. We feel far away from home and on empty.

I am in need of being awakened by Beauty.

So God infuses His wonder, His presence and a distinct double rainbow in the Heavens.

I am awakened by Beauty.

I am restored for the rest of the journey.

When God’s presence is so raw and real and felt, don’t we wake up in a new and fresh way.

What an amazing way of  speaking to us.

We laugh about that pot of gold at the end of this bow of beauty and name the irony of it being Saint Patricks Day.  We need rest and a beauty moment so we pull off the main road, down a chocolate brown country side road and get out and gaze over emerald green farm land. One mother, one daughter, and one amazing Creator God.

She records.  I record.

The single glorious bow of color and majesty whispered to us, wooed us, to turn off the road. To soak in this gift.  His gift.

And  then the double appeared.  She shouts, its a double rainbow.

Our tired tanks, depleted by life and travel are filled with His Glory.  He restores.

And He always does.  He knows us so well.  Our needs, our hearts desires, the cry of our spirit out to Him.

What started out as a journey home will now be tagged and labeled as the time we saw the double rainbow.  God marked and God painted moments owning the day.

What others have I missed, those days he marked with beauty that I didn’t catch or see or mark.

What other moments did he lay before me to minister into or speak into or be present in that I simply fell asleep at the wheel.

Grateful for this one.  Keenly looking for all that He has laid out like precious jewels in our path.  Simply, wondrously, colorfully speaking to us in Love and with Goodness all these days of our lives.

In my sanctified imagination this seemed like a moment for me so perfectly timed.  BUT he loves us all so much it had to be for His whole world, for all of creation, for all of His children to see and soak in.

My pictures are so lacking in His spectacular gift.  But sharing with you all amplifies the moment, and increases the beauty.

Thank you for reading.  You humble me.

Mark His Beauty all around.  To Him be praise and glory

Thanking him for  all that He gives and counting gifts (but not often as I should) with Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience, author of 1000 Gifts ( click on her link over to the right under Blogroll)

*Dreaming with my daughter of a prom dress that frames her beautiful spirit and is “just perfect”

*Thanking Him for the precious young man who asked her.  Praying God’s blessing on budding relationships.

*Thanking Him for fun in defeat, laughter in the face of fleeting victory.

*Home Sweet Sweet Home and Sunday worship, Sunday quiet, and Sunday family time

*Purple wisteria on slate gray vines dangling their bounty down country roads

*A double rainbow over an emerald green field.

*The first words from my 17 year old when I walked in the door.  Precious and full of love. A true gift.

*Watching his eyes as he listened to the sermon today, listening to him praying The Lord’s Prayer

Enjoy this beautiful film.  Creator God is worthy of Praise.

2 thoughts on “Three’s Company – A Momma, A Girl, and Our God

    1. Renee, you are so sweet. I changed the title several times so it is encouraging to hear you say you liked it. Smiling here. Thanks for your interest and your support. You humble me by stopping by.

      I am grateful for our friendship.

      Love to you and your family.

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