Always Remember To Call On Joy

Don’t forget to invite Joy to your next gathering.

You will be so glad you did.

She’ll bring her belly laughes, her love and outstretched arms.

She’ll brighten up the places which felt a little dark and sad.

She will shine friendship all over the room and sprinkle like confetti her glad heart.

Don’t forget to ask her to bring her friends Grace and Goodness.

They really light up the room with their gracious goodness.

“Proverbs 3:14 She’s worth far more than money in the bank; her friendship is better than a big salary.

Dd Do a  favor and win a friend forever; nothing can untie that bond — Provers 18:19

Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family. — Proverbs 18:24

And if you ask her to come you won’t regret it.

Not even one little bit.

She will roll out the red carpet and shower the day with her silly laughter. And delight will  rule the day.

Don’t be surprised if she brings gifts and radiant smiles and encouragement along for the ride.

And abundant, gracious hospitality will likely come with her.  That Joy.

She never disappoints.  She is a girls best friend when life bumps and bruises.

  She will bring Encouragement and Celebration along, if you will just graciously allow her some  room to spread out and spread her Glory.

Delight in her always.  She is a Joy to have around.

She’ll help you celebrate the life of friends, the gift of friends, and the precious goodness of life with friends.

And you’ll never want the party to end, once  she lights up the room , that Joy with her amazing power to heal and bring blessing.

Every bite of food and sip of drilnk will be enhanced by her presence.

And you will feel loved, cherished and embraced by the warmth of her sweet sweet spirit.

For more beauty and joy click on the link below for some Joy notes.

Wishing you a joyous week,



4 thoughts on “Always Remember To Call On Joy

    1. Marnie, you my friend have the gift of hospitality. You embrace life with such passion and energy. It is contagious. We are blessed to be in your home with your heart and your gifts. Thank you for opening your home, your kitchen and bearhugging us with all that you have.

      Thank you for loving us, especialy Beth.

      You are a huge gift to me.

      Bless you, bless you.


      P.S. Cant wait to fellowship soon and celebrate life with yall

  1. Elizabeth, your photos really captured the beauty of the event as we celebrated our special friend’s birthday! Joy, love, and laughter were abundant!!

    1. Sweet sweet Totsie, how glorious to celebrate life, and friends and all the blessings we share.

      The love between friends was a sweet aroma in that place. Fragrant and so so tender.

      I am blessed mightily to have each of you in my life.

      Beth is an amazing friend, woman, wife and mother. What joy to celebrate her life in such a delicious and beautiful way. Our hostess is and was as always amazing too.

      Wishing you grace,


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