Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, But First Count Gifts

Simply counting gifts at the end of the day.

A joy.

A discipline.

An act of worship.

*For Spring in the heart, Spring in the Earth, Spring in the step.

*Friends with deep roots, friends with wide and deep love.

*Fellowship so warm and soothing.

*Belly laughs, wide grins, Precious heart time with women

*Happy children, hearts overflowing in the teenage years

*Very sweet time with” the prom date.”   His gentle spirit and kind smile, clamy handshake shows he cares. A blessing.

*A husband who comes home late from working but still smiling

*Bear hugs at bedside

*Strawberry birthday cake — the best!!

*This one glorious High Definition Life and all its technicolor

*Jesus loving me, this I know

2 thoughts on “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, But First Count Gifts

  1. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful
    for the simple joys of life and never to take
    them for granted.

    love from your sis-Rebecca

    1. Oh, I do love you and miss you every day. Reading Ann Voskamp’s book, 1000 Gifts. It helps to turn the heart toward a grateful spirit. Once you set your eyes there, it is truly amazing how very much there is to count. Love that you stopped by. Can’t wait to hug your neck, soon. wishing His Grace– your sis Elizabeth P.S. give my buckets of love to the cousins

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