Looking at Life Through A Lense Of Beauty

wishing for you eyes to see

the detail of the day,

in all its wonder,

in all its glory,

with all its elements of surprise,

with eyes that look through a lense of beauty

into a world,

covered by Grace

Designed in Love.

And may you be awake in each moment

 intent on discovery

at every turn, every step, and with every breathe.

And may Love look new and His Grace cover you fresh,

this one glorious day,


linking with Sandra Heska King today at Still Saturday

10 thoughts on “Looking at Life Through A Lense Of Beauty

    1. Awww thank you kind friend. I am on the way to take some more. Thank you for never tiring of them and for always being a voice of encouragement in my world. Did I say thank you??? Grateful here…

    1. Thank you, humbly for your kind words. And I am honored you were here, on these pages. Thank you for visiting. Please come back anytime and follow on this journey. wishing you His grace…

    1. Oh, thank you for being here and for taking the time to leave your words. They are a blessing to me. Please know you are invited back anytime. It is always a pleasure to have new friends. Bless you this weekend in your wanderings.

    1. Thank you for leaving kind words. You are invited back any time to these pages here. It is a joy to find kind words in the comment box, pure joy. I hope to see you again over here. Bless your weekend. wishing you His grace….

    1. Humble thanks. It is a joy to have a kind visitor leave comments, thank you for doing so. Please know you are invited back anytime to these pages. May your weekend be filled with rest and joy. Hope to see you around at Still Saturday again.

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