For Better, For Worse, Till Death

Today is 5 minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s where we write for five minutes on a one word prompt; and today it is on risk. Challenged. Scared. Excited. I will write for five minutes and trust. Thank you for being here today. It is a privilege to have you on this journey. (Linking with Lisa-Jo at Lisa Jo Baker dot com) GO

Risk- For Better, For Worse, Till Death

Everyday is a new start. His Mercies define the new. The beginnings begin anew. We love fresh, we love new. And we start our “I do’s” all over again. Every morning of everyday.

We love, broken. We love hurt. We love tired. We love flat out. And extravagantly. With it all on the line.

And when He leaves for a season, only to come back months later, we start over again with Hope, and Love, and forgiveness.

And there they are again. The new Mercies of His. They are there.

Walking beside Trust.

And when we say I do, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, till death, we risk.

We risk a life of two, merged as one. Invested. Investing. Placing the needs, desires and wants of the individual, of the one behind those of the other.

Because Love invests and Love risks.

It risks everything.

And gains the whole world and a life of love.

Love is risky business, but oh the glorious, indescribable, unfathomable reward.


9 thoughts on “For Better, For Worse, Till Death

    1. Thank you, humbled. And I am glad you were here. You are invited back. It would be SUPER to have you visit again. Blessings as you continue to risk… see you at Lisa Jo’s place again, I believe. Happy weekend travels, wishing JOY

  1. so beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by Ordinary Inspirations! Please come back often. Love, Traci Michele

  2. Such truth written so poignantly, Elizabeth! Love IS Risky business. And I’m so thankful He’s into the business of risk….what a display He has given us. Showing us to give love our everything….our very lives. Hugs to you, friend. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hugs back your way and Humble thanks. I am humbled by your encouraging words. They bring me JOY. wishing Grace in your risking. May your Joy and your worship be full of blessings.

    1. What a gift. Humble thanks that you visited. And yes, love is risky. But oh, yes the reward is HUGE. He loves us in an amazing way with amazing love. Thank you for being kind enough to leave sweet encouragement.

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