Summer’s Simple Joy & All God’s People Say Amen

Hoping for your weekend, time to seek, gather and soak in the simple placed right where you are

Wishing for your weekend ,time to collect colorful memories of sun-drenched summer


And praying for your weekend, time to reflect under the shade of His love on all the He was, is and forever will be in the echoes of the amens.

May you rest in His Amazing Grace all weekend long as you scoop up the sweet and the savory of your good story while you taste and see that it is all so very , very good.

Praying for a grateful heart in my everythings. How about you?

8 thoughts on “Summer’s Simple Joy & All God’s People Say Amen

  1. Wonderful pictures. Being grateful for all things is a good thing and perhaps a life changing experience.
    I am just relaxing this weekend. Assorted house things have to be done, catching up on the ironing ‘YES I do IRON’, my husband is an engineer and has to look nice. Then I have assorted writing assignments to finish. It should be a nice day. So enjoy your blog I am glad I found it.

    1. Thank you Sharon. I am humbled by your kindness. And I too am glad you found my blog. It is a pleasure to have you following along on this journey. I am blessed by your presence here.

  2. Oh you linked up the other day on my blog and the post I read was about connecting with an old friend, today I clicked and it brought me to this post, which is also lovely… but the words I first read, about this meet up with a friend, about sharing your stories about grace and love and friendship–it was so beautiful. So beautiful. I felt like I was there in the shadow, a quiet observer to this beautiful connection happening…. thank you for sharing your words and for linking up. such a blessing.

    1. Thank you Kris, for your kind words and for visiting here. I am grateful for your visit and hope that you will come back again soon. And your words of encouragement soothe my soul this day.

  3. Hey Liz! I love the simple things of summer…silver queen corn on the cob is at the top of the list! I cherish our friendship too. Have a wonderful day. Love, Mel

    1. Awww, humble thanks. I love you and cherish you right back at you, friend. And yes, the corn. It is among my faves. Cannot get enough of that and other simple summer pleasures. Feel like a child again because I don’t want this summer to end.

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