For When You Want a Second Chance To Get It Right

Sometimes you simply wish you could go back and choose differently.

And yesterday is one of those sometimes for me.

I missed an opportunity to connect with someone. These relationships He puts in our life  are immeasurable gifts. They are opportunities for deep connection with other souls.

So I missed out.

And I grieved.

And I spent a very long while wondering why I missed a chance to speak and listen and learn and love. I missed a chance to be blessed, to laugh, to  hug, to smile, to  embrace and to  hear from someone who has been told they have two months of earthly life left to live.

My daughter was in the car and she said “turn around, go back.” And even then I did not. I glimpsed him standing on the sidewalk and I chose to drive by.

Yesterday I called my husband to say I had chosen poorly. “Please take me for a visit soon. I want to go visit.” I need a second chance.

And today I will go to the Prayer Labyrinth down the road from our mountain home to pray for our friend, for his cancer, for his life, and for his ministry.

And to thank God that he has always been a God of second chances.

He has always been and will always be a God full of Mercy, Grace, and Forgiveness.

He was yesterday as I gripped the steering wheel of my car so full of regret.

And He is today as I walk the Prayer Labyrinth offering up prayers for my friend. Prayers for healing and for thanksgiving for his life.

And He will be the God of second chances tomorrow when I choose poorly again. He takes our regret and sorrow and redeems us with His beautiful  Love and Amazing Grace. Always. Every time.

He heals the hurts of those who long for second chances.

May we all delight in the relationships and people He puts right in our path, right here, right now today. And may we not miss a chance to love another as He would have us love.

{I thank God for each of you and am grateful for you today}

7 thoughts on “For When You Want a Second Chance To Get It Right

  1. Sometimes we all miss the tug of the Holy Spirit and we decide for ourselves ‘what is convenient’ or whatever, always He gives us another chance just to see and know if our heart heard the lesson the first time.
    I am glad you are staying in tune to the ‘spirit’. You will be blessed.

    1. I thought I responded but I am not sure so I am responding again. SO grateful that you choose to be here and to kindly leave such gracious words for me. And thank you for the assurance of blessings for me. I will claim that promise from our Very Good God. And yes I want to stay in tune to the spirit always. So beautifully stated by you, Sharon.

  2. His grace is new every morning. He is the God of second chances and He is faithful even when we are not. I hope you get a chance to go and visit and express what is on your heart. Wonderful post. Thank you. I am spending this week waiting for our first grandchild to be born and praying I do not blow chances to love and share and express the joy I have in knowing the family that surrounds this child. You are a blessing to me and I am grateful for you and for this post. DAF

    1. Humble thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Enjoy your grandchild. What an amazing season of your life this shall be. I can only imagine what joy is in store for you and your family. May you savor each and every moment, in love. Grateful for you too.

  3. My grandmother used to say that regret is emotion’s cancer…and I wish I didn’t know what she was talking about. Yet what grace He gives. He truly is the God of second chances and we get the chance here on earth to practice that ourselves. To allow others to have another chance at loving us the way they should. it’s not easy. it’s humbling. and a powerful lesson. Striving with you, friend, to bend low and take those second chances….

    1. Oh Nikki, thank you for being here and thank you for your wisdom. This is an amazing community here in the world of bloggers and I am grateful to know you some here. I deeply appreciate your visit and your words. Yes, there is something about getting to go back and do again with new understanding, a newer deeper knowing, and a perspective given through the Holy Spirit. Yes. God is truly the God of second chances. Bless you for offering words to me this day.

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