Shhhhh, Can I Whisper Something in Your Ear?

I will whisper because it is so tender and fragile, so the whisper of my heart is a quiet dignity for this and for them.

I will whisper about compassion and Compassion International for now. And the children.

But the cry of my heart is really to shout. And when you see and hear and bend the heart to know more, you may want to shout too. Will you walk over here with me, it means just click and we can go there.

To just pray.

This is what Mark Batterson says in his book “The Circle Maker” about prayer

The hard thing about praying hard is letting God do the heavy lifting. You have to trust the favor of God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. You have to trust God to change hearts…

Thank you for going there to pray for these children. I will try not to shout. I like it when people speak softly to me too. I like to listen to the gentle.

I like the tender and the soft and the whispers from gentle places.

But the cry of my heart, well its all rumbly and loud. So I may need to ask forgiveness ahead of time for when I scream and yell and get quite loud with the cries of my heart.

Because when I went to choose my child, the one that I sponsor, I wanted to choose the one waiting the longest, and then I wanted to choose two and then I wanted to choose a boy and a girl but I chose a girl. And I wanted to choose the ones with especially special needs. And, well it was hard. But my friend Kris who played a role in bending and breaking my heart for Compassion, she said to me words that were full of grace. She told me to think of it this way, they all need a sponsor, so any one you choose will be right…..well you get the beautiful grace-filled words she spoke to me, in love.

But in the end I chose one little girl in Peru. And I pray that God in His holy math and in His holy name will multiply my smallness.

I am writing a prayer for myself for Compassion International. I will share it with you soon.

But your words and your prayers are much much better. They are your words and your prayers.

Counting my gifts in the quiet of my heart and linking with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience dot com. You can read about her Compassion trips there.

Linking with Finding Heaven Today dot com

And with Denise in Bloom

13 thoughts on “Shhhhh, Can I Whisper Something in Your Ear?

  1. We sponsor two little girls in Haiti from different villages. Both are age 5 so we can follow them throughout school. They already have written us and I have to write them back. So cute little pictures, and prayers.
    Please sponsor a child ‘you will be a blessing to their future.

  2. Oh, oh, I am excited about this Compassion blogging month! I want to see the blogosphere used in big ways for little hearts. Excited we are journeying together! As you find out the people participating, I’d love to have you share. I have a running list going! Wow, that is a lot of exclamation points.

    1. Can’t wait to read it. So nice to meet you too. This is a privileged journey we are on together for Compassion. Hoping and praying for Big things from our Very Big God. wishing His grace, Elizabeth

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