What Happens When A Monkey Mind Writes A Blog Post?

I wish you were here.

Well not really because you’d see the laundry basket and quite frankly it would scare you. Well maybe not scare, but it might freak you out. Well not that either, but you might not want to stay long because you’d want to free me up to “Just Do It.”

And if you were here I might ask you to run a soccer shirt to one school and a phone and a volleyball jersey to another school. And I might ask you to feed the cat and dogs.

And then I’d ask you to be a good listener. So I could tell you what it felt like to sit beside a man with Parkinson’s Disease and a single mother, with another single mother two down, last night at a volleyball match. I was in the middle.

Did you read the title of this post? Ok. Do you think I should change it? I don’t either.

And I might take you with me to the window to see the HUGE, I mean two HUGE spider webs that are like goal posts outside the window. And we could talk about the God Art and how lovely the sun is on them. And whether you think they are as spectacular as I do.

Now tell me are you still here? Did I run you off yet. Sheesh, I hope not. Because I know you have a choice and you may unsubscribe or not come back or unfollow which are all your choice. And BELIEVE ME, I would understand.

Did you think I was going to tell you more about my friend with Parkinson’s Disease? I was. I am. (Do you think I am rushing today a little too much? I am.) He asked me last night if I was still working. Then I asked him the same thing. He said he’s not because of his “mind” and he then told me of his recent diagnosis. I saw his right hand quivering. He said he misses work because he misses having something to do. I gave him a lollypop. No really I did.

Did I tell you dementia runs in my family. It does. Did I tell you two people in my family have ADD. I have written about that. Did I tell you I don’t. Wait, don’t look so surprised.

Did you think there was a point to that.

Well I want to ask you to help me with the running around and the washing of clothes so I can sit and write, and do art, and make art. And write my hybrid proety, proems and such.

And write my friend in Peru, the little girl I sponsor Erlita. Because did I tell you it can take three months for her to receive my letter? For the Compassion children to receive letters. So I want to write one now.

For some reason, and I believe God put it on my heart, while I can I want to help Compassion International.

And I want to pray for my family member with Dementia and my friend with Parkinson’s Disease and my really good friend who is a single mother. And I want to figure out the best way to love my children while discipling them and encouraging them as they grown into responsible people.

It is really important ย that I raise responsible children who don’t leave their phones and sports stuff at home. Because I get one chance to get it right with them. I don’t really know what that means because there is nothing left to chance to raising children. God’s got this with me. Oh yeah that other chance, like opportunity.

Did you read the title of this blog post? Do you think I should change it. Good, I don’t either.

I want to tell you more but its gotten quiet and I think some of you have left. Before you leave will you visit the Compassion Sponsorship page and pray for the kids who need sponsors. And will you join me in praying for my new friend Erlita?

I can’t wait to hear from her. I will tell you about it when the letter arrives, if any of you are still reading by then. (This is Ella and she has nothing to do with the post but I am trying not to forget to go feed three dogs).

While I can write I want to write. While I can pray I want to pray. If you all could help with the laundry, I could go write the prayer I am trying to write to pray for Compassion. Well big C compassion and little c compassion, but mostly big C.

You know if you have never left a comment, today would be a really good day to. Because my monkey mind and I are feeling like we lost all our friends with our laundry and our craziness. So saying hello would be particularly well-timed. And you can go to my facebook page (wynnegraceappears on Facebook) if you are handing out affirmation and cyber-hugs today. And if you are feeling exceptionally generous you can share this on your facebook page.

Oh, I saw you click over to Compassion and pray. That was awesome. Thank you. I know it means a lot to the children.

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The purple zinnia and butterfly photograph used above is a gift from my friend H.M. Miller (isn’t she talented). I love her to pieces. She sent me the picture I used for the Mother Teresa quote. Thanks Harriett.

28 thoughts on “What Happens When A Monkey Mind Writes A Blog Post?

  1. It’s been so encouraging to see all the bloggers out here encouraging us and spurring us on to action with Compassion. It’s a great organization, doing phenomenal, life-changing work, in Jesus’ name.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey precious Jennifer, thank you for your smiling face and supportive words. So privileged to be on this journey and looking expectantly for Big things from our Very Big God for these sweet Compassion children.

    1. Hey sweet Dolly. So very glad to see you here. You bless and I am grateful for you. wishing you His Grace and grateful you’re still around after the Monkey Mind and laundry rant. xox, Elizabeth

    1. Did you click over, please do and pray for a child. Thank you honey I am so glad you are here reading. It makes me smile big! You can share on your facebook page and maybe someone in your world will sponsor a child.

      Thanks for making my day, sweet one.

    1. Thank you friend. So love to see that smiling face in the button. Brings me smiles. Thanks for the twitter tutorial. I am so grateful for it!!! You are my first lesson on this. Can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Hello! Read through to the end:) Praying oodles of grace over you and the Compassion children! Heading over to FB now to dollop on some affirmation. You’re awesome, and I loved reading this! (((HUGS)))

  3. I love this post, Elizabeth, and I was fully engaged all the way to the end ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy those hectic days of doing laundry, delivering your kids’ essentials, and God-ordained meetings with random people (who really aren’t random at all).

    Real Life is the interruptions, and taking time to “be there” and do those things — that’s what really matters.
    Hokie hugs to you, sweet friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Your kind spirit, encouragement and grace-words are felt friend, as though they were in RL. And the hugs. Thank you for it all. The whole package blesses. YAY, you stuck with it till the end. So glad you are still here.

  4. love the title… have had a monkey brain sort of day myself and am looking forward to my pillow in a few short minutes. appreciated this very transparent look into your day – and the passion you communicate for those who need us to remember that God called us to be servants, not lords.

  5. I love your heart. And I love my Compassion Child, Jefferson. He is the cutest thing in El Salvador. Just ask me and I will tell you! All truth here my friend.
    So this was a good reminder, to pray, pray, pray for miracles. Compassion does great things.

    1. Suzannah, thank you for visiting here. Gift. When you walk slow enough to think and write its an even bigger one, friend. Receiving your wishes for deep peace with gratitutde. And my monkey brain says thank you too.

    1. Yes its frightening either way ๐Ÿ™‚ Loose ends are a constant in my world. Starting to get used to it. Needing Grace constantly for that. Thanks for kind words and for your eyes and heart being over here, friend.

  6. And we could talk about the God Art and how lovely the sun is on them.

    this is my favorite line but i had many. i love the stream-of-consciousness in this. and i love that you gave him a lollipop.

  7. Wynn, I adore your personality, your humor in the heat, your grace in the fire. That Money brain works for youโ€ฆand blesses me greatly!

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow, you stayed around and read until the end of the post AND subscribed. And sprinkled kindness in the box, the joy is spilling over everything on my end. I just sent you an invitation to susbscribe (newish system for that sorry for two step process). If you don’t receive shoot me an email. Wasn’t 100% on your email. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I loved this because it is just exactly how I feel some days! There is so much swirling in my head but I can’t get it down because of the laundry. Thanks for linking up with WIP!

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