Redemption Outside The Shadows – A Mighty Fortress

Today is Day 18.

There is a book written by a friend.

Her story is her’s but she is brave and bold in her sharing. Her desire for other’s healing.

Her heart longs for a collective healing from the disease that pounces and robs.

As I work my way through the book, its a work of the heart. I think of the spokes of my life’s wheel, the intersection. The place where broken shows up in our lives.

How the spokes radiate out and poke holes in wholeness. Push through places, bruising flesh, heart, soul, and mind. Our life.

This is a labor of love, this working my way through her words, treading lightly and gently through a fragile piece such as this.

You know that God worked redemptively and tenderly through the hearts of these. So you rush not in, to speak. No quietly with a reverence.

You nod and bend and bow to the boldness. You open up a burning heart for truth.  Hungry for healing. Searching. Longing. Looking for places that reveal God in and all around.

And I am seeing,

How her story is uniquely her’s. It is.

How it intersects my life. It does.

What I am left celebrating in her story. So very much.

I have not completed winding my eyes through the lines of her heart and life, laid out in hope in the telling. I know much from her beautiful book trailer, other’s words about her words, the proclamations of healing on her web sight and on her blog.

A story goes out and forth in its telling, testifiying of a work, magnifying the redemption and hope. Doubles down and  carries on its back those who tell of the wounded’s hope.

Like the pointed metal spokes that roll on rim of traveling tire time, the pointed tips of Emily’s time in shackles rolls right over where we’ve treaded, my co-travellers. Those I love.

I know of  gaunt and rail thin, pushing back from food, leaning in to porcelain rims, throwing out a single calorie breath mint to forgo the stomach-bound disc.

And souls locked in weak weary battle of control. Left wounded, weak. Weary.

But all that’s hurt and broken diminishes in the Light of honest, light of the telling.

Where story walks out new life, while scars are healing, scars close up at the hands of The Great Physician.

My daughter is almost 17 and I look questioning into the eyes and onto the bones and flesh of her friends. Speaking into her beauty, inside and out. Loving the wholeness and relationship with nourishment I see.

She is passionate about life and living and her hopes and dreams for the future. She has not known a weakened war of wills with disease or addiction. But a mother watches and prays and hopes for wholeness in her child of mind, body, and spirit.

The happy faces beam over greens and fruits, protein, sweets, a balance of all the goodness  He provides. The energy drawn from food sources, from the good gifts He gives for nourishment.

And I know the weak and weary from cutting off the calories, reducing down the intake to a slow and painful walk on barely enough. The damage unkown exactly to me. I could ask Emily, ask  a doctor, ask the authorities.

I want my daughter mighty and strong. I want the highest and best for her life.

I long for her to see the beauty and completeness in what God created in her,  formed in her woman flesh. That taking it down and whittling it away to thin frail gaunt is not a life goal. Not an elusive idol, to be rail thin and shadowy.

We women can go and do much in a day, there is loving and living for us, mighty work. God work. God ordained.

Emily is a beautiful friend. I want her words to go forth, her words, a healing ministry.

I long for her words to be available in church libraries, school libraries, counselor’s shelves, on the bedside table of hurting women and teens.

Yesterday Duane wrote a piece you really do not want to miss at his place and at Emily’s
blog. It’s here. It involves the pain and struggle of a teenage boy.

As a mother of boys , I long for healthy body images for them too. Read Emily’s words here:

Chasing Silhouettes is intended to be a spiritual guide to help families redefine body image, as well as to offer insight for caregivers into the minds and hearts of those battling an eating disorder. As someone who battled  anorexia nervosa, both as a child and as an adult, I am here to offer you hope. Our young people, our loved ones, do not have to be defeated by the lies that permeate culture today. But in order to defeat these lies, we need to understand truth.

Please leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for two copies of Emily’s book. You may choose to comment on why you’d like a copy, or simply speak to what’s on your heart on this subject. I will email the winner by week’s end.

To purchase Emily’s book go HERE

Or Here or to Chasing Silhouettes web sight to read more.

From the web sight, read these words of hope:

Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help A Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder is the story of a broken family that finds healing through an eating disorder. It’s the story of how even good Christians need redemption, and how eating disorders pervade all homes- even the seemingly perfect ones.

A unique resource, it addresses the whole of the illness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, providing shocking insight into the disordered eater’s mind that no other book will offer.

This is Day 18 in a 31 Day Series. To read the collective go here or the 31 Day Series page at the top of the page. Today’s word is Healing.

If you’d like to follow all posts in the series and those published at wynnegraceappears, subscribe to follow by email or in a reader. I post daily in October and several times a week in other months.

Its a JOY to think of having you along on the journey.

Joining Michelle at Thought Provoking Thursdays.

12 thoughts on “Redemption Outside The Shadows – A Mighty Fortress

  1. awesome. for a time I battled this. I was also ill at the time and for a bit I was in a size 2. Never have been that small. If not for the Lord I would have continued down this path, but He spoke to me and gave me a choice, life or death… so, out of depression I crawled and have chosen life since. Prayers will go your way and for your friend. thank you for sharing this. DAF

    1. Bless you for your strength and brave struggle through to life. Oh that you came through and are here living abundantly. You bless my socks off friend. The enemy of our souls has used this to diminish and weaken women for too long. Thanks for speaking and standing and spreading the word of Emily’s book on hope and healing.

  2. I would love to win a book so I can give it to my pastor, or my youth pastor this is a book that must get into the hands of all professionals. Loved your portrayal of her and her writing. It is a powerful testimony of ‘God’s healing’ and power.

    1. Sharon, Thank you for your passion and your heart on this tender subject. How I would rejoice for it to be in the hands of your pastors. Know that you are entered. Thank you for sharing Emily’s book and sharing her story with others. Blesssings to you sweet friend.

    1. What a privilege and honor to share your brave and hope-filled story. Look forward to completely reading CS, sharing it, giving it away, telling of it, and spreading the words of Hope found in the pages of this tender telling. You are a glorious and rich blessing as I know you a bit more and more each day. Your heart is beautiful to me and I am honored to call you friend. I will ask my daughter who is nearly 17 to share on FB with her very large community on that social media. And to tweet. I long for teens to hear your story sooner rather than later. love in our healing Father, Elizabeth

    1. Oh sweet one. Emily writes so eloquently of the disease and struggle. Thanks for your interest and your heart on this. Share as you feel lead with others on this sad form of hurt and pain. You may wish to visit her web site and watch her beautiful book trailer. Love to you, EWM

  3. I would love to win a copy of this book to share with my church family, for myself and friends with children, and for a friend who is a counselor. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing in such tender words more of Emily’s journey. Pure miracle the way that God makes life from the most broken and despairing of places. I have been so touched by her testimony of grace and dead being made alive again. Thank you for proclaiming it, friend. Light and Love win. Sending love to you both.

  4. I get angry at the lies the enemy whispers. Your post is beautiful in its knowledge and in it’s hope. I know Emily’s book will be a life-changer for many.

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