Day 19 – Peace In A Sea of Change

Today is Day 19.

{Writer’s Prologue – Strangely my spirit grieves the two/third’s way through, my math mind is icky, or so, I find myself in this Series. It has brought so much richness and fullness and I release to God the Day 32 which is to say the first day without the Series guiding and shaping.  And your eyes and heart here provide me a richness of community. If you would like to receive posts via email click here. The future is full of endless possibility and words beyond this series. Thanks for being a Pilgrim with me. ]

There is what is called the “cushion of the sea.” Down beneath the surface…there is a part of the sea that is never stirred. The peace of God is that eternal calm which, like the cushion of the sea, lies far too deep down to be reached by any external trouble or disturbance…
Dr. A.T. Pierson

Do you know this place where change looms all around. And it feels like sediment stirred up from ocean’s floor. You seek the sieve to filter what of it is good. Perhaps its all. Good. From the God of Good.

Can you hear the seas roar loud like Lion’s roar, a strong bold change.

We sit for long sessions now, The Patient One and I. And there is so much for us it takes my breath away. So much for us to discuss and navigate through. This ship, our lives.

Our church is experiencing deep and wide and profound change. We may make one too as it makes its, change. I walk around with a grievous spirit. And fear that I will weep on Sunday as I serve communion at the rail. I look in eyes that experience a ripping kind of change. Division and confusion. We vote on change.

In our church in days, in our country in days.

And colleges will vote on whether my child comes to them or not. Or maybe its a sweeping decision of a committee of one at these institutions.

But God knows. And he loves. And we desperately seek His will in a sea of change.

For us it may involve boxes and change of address forms, but it may not. That is the way of releasing all to Him. That is the way of abandoning plans while seeking His.

There may be changes in schools and there is a deep desire to seek this path He has for the middle one, the one who looks at schools for art and schools based on Military dictums or simply coming out into the world.

It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean revel in Him.

The Message, Philippians 4:4-7

And maybe peace in a sea of change is handing him the oars, the paddle, the motor, any steering mechanism on board and drifting.

Drifting on the swells of trust into His arms.

And praying for Him to guide and steer and love us.

Into oceans of change. While we release and abandon our compasses, our course.

He the Map Holder. We fall into His arms.

And I weep.

My ocean is one of tears. May they be salted with sweet and savory knowing that His ways roar with excellence and perfection.

And that the cross is squarely in our cross-hairs, our plumb line His horizon.

{Writer’s postscipt- Thankful for a community of tear-catchers. You know who you are}

To read the collective click here. Today is Day 19. I weep. Todays word is Change.

Linking this post with my friend, Shelly at Redemption’s Beauty. She is writing for 31 Days. Can you hear the release in the air.

10 thoughts on “Day 19 – Peace In A Sea of Change

  1. “My ocean is one of tears,,,”
    Oh Elizabeth, to mingle my tears with yours…that is the pull of my heart. May we be buoys for each other in that vast ocean, held fast by the anchor that is our God.
    Grace and peace, friend. Always

  2. Chanages in church is always hard. Hearts are sewn together in worship and praise and when change comes sometimes hearts are torn asunder. Prayers are with you with this change. I am here if you need to talk about this. I think you can private message me. Was church admin during a major change, was right in the middle of the action, so I understand. God does understand though and no change is enough or surprising enough to move Him from His throne of Grace. He does not wring His hands nor does He fret or stew over changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He only wants the very best for you, for your children and He will lead, guide and direct you in the paths you choose. He will do the same for this country, if we bow before Him and pray ernestly. Remember, I am here if you need anything. DAF

    1. DAF, I am grateful for you. Your prayers, your words, your heart. So thankful. Yes, that He wants the best, that is comfort above most anything I can cling to. Thank you again. Bowing down before him. Your words steady my trembling.

  3. Friend, my heart hears yours through these changes of church — I know these well right now, and they are heart-rending — and of waiting to see what will be. The ocean is such a powerful metaphor here for the movement, unpredictability and power of change and change clinging to him. He knows, he holds. Praying for you, dear one.

    1. You have been delivered to my doorstep as a treasure, from Him. I thank Him. Yes, Ashely, that He knows, He holds. Your prayers bring me comfort. Crying a river then praying for dry eyes. This community of loving caring writers is a beautiful work of the Spirit.

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