The Final One – Grace, God,and What’s Next

Today is Day 31. It’s the end. It’s the beginning. The collective is here for the unwrapping.

Chapter One

Thank you for walking out October with me. Or just joining me today. Its Grace that you do.

The words. They have been stirred up and scrambled a bit. These words our tools.

And they have been fragile, tender, chosen with some care. Delicate the words. And each a shade of different.

As prayers, worshipers, delighters, praisers, writers, poets, bloggers, mommies.

It is  our words. They are our tools.

To pray to our God, to worship our God, to raise our children, to sing our songs, and lift our voices.

They lift up, they give voice, and they give Hope.

When I began I started this series walking out a plan to write daily. You can reflect with me on my dailiness. here. (Or lack thereof, or good intent, or best laid plans).

What grace it is to write at all. If writing is your passion. What grace it is to write and meet a friend along the way.

What is this writing journey but a step and a step and another. To touch a soul with a phrase or a word. To write of life and have another lean in soft or lean in hard and say I understand or better, so much better that speaks to me and it is sweet. And it is tender.

Your eyes here with me are a gift. He brings them to the page.

Your heart beats, steps in stride with me, walking it out with me. Gift.

And all these words that have been and words to come, are reflecting, praising, processing, speaking, telling, of this life He gives. And to Him glory.

Of the Grace He gives, and its delightful amazing.

Of the Hope that’s in Him and its radiant.

May He be the audience of one for whom we write the words of our life.

To serve Him, praise Him, seek Him, and abide in Him.

Chapter Two

Once upon a time there was a blogger who found a hope-filled community of writing friends along her way.
And it is good.  And it was very very good. And it is great and safe and a wonderful delightful place.  And there were the  words woven, words shared, words prayed, and words passed like the peace in love, back and forth, from and to. And a life was richer because of the words. Shared.

And stories were written, life was written, and bumps and bruises were written out, and fears released, and hope captured, and God praised.

And she thanked her God for the words , for  breathing through them. For bridges built with them, to others and to her Gift Giver. For Joy found in them. Each one full and rich, like figs picked from the tree,  placed on the lips to delight and consume.

And there was Grace, abundant and amazing. Grace when time was multiplied, time was hard, times were filled with questions and seeking.

And there was Grace, abundant in the extending of words, out. Releasing them. Freeing them. Sending them out, to go and tell.

Out into the bloggy world.

This very imperfect prosety. These very flawed proems.

The voice that trembles, seeks to be and form and speak.

He gives another day to pick it up and form the words. To build community and simply sing a song. To tell of Him and His amazing Grace.

Another Day. A gift.

Its Grace.

And I am writing of those moments, when Grace has appeared, wrapped in Love, dipped in Love, signed in the wet ink of Mercy.

The eyes of the heart record and tell. And thank. And the words keep marching out, prancing out, dancing out, this narrative, this story, of this one wonderful life.

The one He so graciously gives.

Chapter Three

What’s next?

Surprises. Trust. Expectancy. The beautiful. The wonder. The very very ordinary.

And the leaning in and bending the ear to Him, for words and inspiration.

Thank you for reading, journeying and always encouraging.

As a thank you I am giving away a piece of wonderful jewelry from Tracey Anderson Cooper, a friend. Just leave a comment to be entered. It can be a word. (These are examples of her line,.I will choose a piece in stock. It will be lovely, truly.)

{And when you leave a comment or a word, would you consider your own little dream of what would be next, here. Your own little wish of what you would want to read here. If you do. If you shall. An idea, a thought. Its Gift that you would.}

Are you journeying daily, here. Humbled if you would. Be here daily, just me and you and the words. Click here to receive daily emails and join this community of words.

Joining Duane, Emily, Ann, Mary Beth, and Jennifer.

12 thoughts on “The Final One – Grace, God,and What’s Next

  1. I love the phrase, “and each a shade of different”. This describes your words of hope and encouragement, each a different shade, always the same color of love, but just a different shade. A wonderful month this has been. I have read your month of blogging and another friends month of blogging. They are both inspiring me to do the same. To write daily… as soon as I have some time that is not joyously taken up with my little grandson. When I am home and my arms are lonely, I will fill them up with words, hopefully as encouraging as yours. You are in my thoughts and prayers. What a gift you are. DAF

  2. Well done…I am glad I ‘”stumbled” into this space this month of October…I have been blessed and I know I will continue to be…no matter what direction these next steps take you. Thanks for the opportunity to win a lovely gift~blessings to you~

  3. What I love about this post is the question about preparing before the storm — perhaps preparing even before we know the storm is a reality. Because that means we are sheltering ourselves in God and what more does our heart truly crave, but to be sheltered by the Most High?

  4. I have loved all of the writings, and will continue to love your words, they challenge me to sit and think and write down words spilling out scrambled like your eggs in a basket. Each word colors a picture of it’s own story.
    You have a gift and I do hope and pray you continue to use it.
    God has blessed you.

  5. “And I am writing of those moments, when Grace has appeared, wrapped in Love, dipped in Love, signed in the wet ink of Mercy.”
    This, right here, Elizabeth, this is it. I want to walk this path with you, my friend. Always.
    Thanking God for this writing community that serves only to bathe each other in grace and love. You have been such an encouragement to me, friend, and I am forever changed because of it.
    My dream is that you will not falter or grow weary. Please keep pouring yourself out as an offering…to us, to the world, to God. It will not return empty. I promise.

  6. oh, Elizabeth…what a gift to write, and to read your words here…praying this with you: May He be the audience of one for whom we write the words of our life….funny, but God spoke those words to me also…so thank you for being part of His words to me today…blessings, friend 🙂

  7. Elizabeth what a heart you have for Him, for His people, for encouraging others… I love your words, and how you are on this journey. Praying for you as you go forward–what exciting things He has in store for you… beautiful my friend.

  8. Elizabeth, so proud of you! Way to finish strong. Amazed by these strings of words. You’ve taught me much about faithfulness and creating community, and I’ve loved bathing in your sheer delight in words. I’m excited for what God is birthing in you…keep on keeping on, sister!

  9. I’m so impressed with your commitment, Elizabeth, and I know it’s been a mix of challenges and blessings. Your beautiful prose pours from a tender heart pressed close to the Father. You’re a blessing.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful you. Keep sending those words out into the world. You’re a difference-maker for Christ.

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