Art, Story,The New York Subways and The Gospel

This past June, my daughter and I took a trip 1200 miles or so on a yellow school bus. Actually there were two. Yellow buses.

We flew from South Carolina to New York and journeyed home as part of a team.

A wonderful videographer and artist named Nathan Lee produced this beautiful film on our adventure.

Now you can travel for a few moments along with us.

{I am currently working on a reflective poetry piece on our journey. Look forward to sharing it with you soon. Enjoy….}

5 thoughts on “Art, Story,The New York Subways and The Gospel

  1. Very timely Elizabeth! Glad you had that experience. You can identify better with what is going on there and having lived there too! Proud of you. Love, Dad (had a good conversation with Becca Sat. Looks like the situation is still fluid.)

    1. What a wonderful story and creative ideas. I am a part of a group called Raleigh Fine Arts, and I would love to share this idea with them! Elizabeth, you never cease to amaze me! Melanie

  2. Elizabeth, what a cool experience. Art and travel and love–all wrapped up in one?!! Sounds like a dream.
    But you know what was the best part? Getting to see you alive and moving and having your being! I know you through your words and your photos and, believe me, that would be enough to carry me through. But to catch a glimpse of your lilting smile, the sweetened corners of your voice, your wide-open-eyes that capture beauty…oh it made me long for the day when I might be able to meet you in real life. To hug your neck and clasp your hands and fall gently into the fold of your friendship. One day my friend, one day. LOVED getting to know you a little deeper. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Holly, thanks for watching the video. It is beautiful art, Nathan Lee has made from a wild experience. He just finished it and we went in June. I love the music he put with it. Yes one day soon in Real Life. I just know.

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