Tell Me We Can Wait Awhile


There comes a moment, a day, a turn of calendar’s page

That feels like all the world should wait awhile

To be

For in the marking of the day there simply is a rip and shred heard in my heart

That childhood is no more.

That you just grew, we knew you would

But tell me not to grieve and I will tell you

It feels like all the world should wait awhile.


On the first of the month for several months I am joining Tweetspeak Poetry, spreading some sweet words around with You can too. Would you like to come along and taste and see some delicious words. There is a bowl full of choices to wrap and send. Just so sweet and lovely there.



6 thoughts on “Tell Me We Can Wait Awhile

    1. Thank you Lyla. Yes this is a bitter sweet season for sure. And congratulations to your son for his achievement and this milestone in his life. Know you all are pleased and filled with joy 🙂

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