Red, A Christmas Poem

berries in sunlight

Red bakes velvet
Berries burst crimson
Bows tied ruby
Birds feed scarlet, tipping by the window ledge
Lights flicker scarlet, winking at the wonder of it all
Christ’s blood shed, sacrifice,
life poured out


But first the manger, birth and life

Waiting watchful vigilant we

For the coming of Christ the King
Red the beating hearts of we

who worship
Celebrating ,glorious triumphant birth,

a Baby, Savior
The King, draped in robe of Royalty.

And all the world awaits his birth

While dressed in fabric festive, crimson

And all the words written, captured, printed holy, 

All the words as gift for us, holy, holy ,holy  they are, there



Joining Deidra for her Sunday Community…what JOY!


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