For The Love Of Peace

mt church

Cloaked, by a robe, soft heavy on my soul
Worn, yet too often shed
Wrap me in tight, like a swaddled child
Bind my arms, all my limbs, my heart in the warmth
Of Peace.

Wrapped in the bubble, wrap of your care
Clothed in the cloak of your finest content
Lay me down in the black still of the night
And bathe me in wash me in cover me in
Your Peace.

Restless and wobbly as wet calf on new hay
Uncertain, her mother nudges, protects
Shore up and hem in a spirit which seeks
To step into lockstep with strides of
Your Peace.

And not to lay frozen, guarded from life
Not to stay boxed up like porcelain plates
Not to rest, fragile in a place of comfort, from all
But to bask in the glory and know without
Doubt, that peace which  lifts and buoys a soul
Will carry us as deliverers to a world plagued by hurt
Passing on, in love, a deeply held


mt church 2
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9 thoughts on “For The Love Of Peace

  1. I love your explorations of these gifts of God. You fill with color and voice and help me to consider in a new way. Love this peace that wraps us up — may you know it deep today, friend.

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