What I Am Working On, Still

When You Speak

Poetry Calls

And I tell myself…we can do this but man oh man is it hard and now I know why I write. There is comfort behind these words. And it is frightening and vulnerable out in front of the shield they provide, the comfort they give.

And I wanted it to be imperfect and man is it.

But I wanted there to be a heartbeat and a breathing, living pulse put to the words from my heart.

You may not hear it but they both are there.

Grace and Peace to you. Thanks for large measures of grace for “What I Am Working On, Still.”

The words bring peace and solace and more, they are a calling. My family needs me now. To fix dinner and make things neat and clean and orderly. They need me to be and love and embrace and nurture.

And I am working on loving them, raising them, guiding them and mothering them, still. 

{The Patient One made me the beautiful fire in the fireplace before he left to do what The Patient One does.}



8 thoughts on “What I Am Working On, Still

  1. You are a brave one, my dear. It is one thing, yes, to put your words out there into the great everything and let them open themselves to stranger and friend alike. But it another thing entirely to put face and voice, eyebrows and crinkles, home and hearth in full view of all. But you shine, dear, oh so radiantly and your voice is comfort and love and joy and art spun gloriously round and under and in my ears.
    You are a gift.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth! Aren’t you just radiantly beautiful! Your honey voice, your love exudes from the words you speak. How I love that you did this. What courage to step forth and do it. I echo Holly: You are a gift.

  3. Well done you! And you know, the sweet voice I hear does match the one I had in my head as I have read your posts. This gives a great feel to who you are and I loved this. Thanks for your bravery and boldness in reading your words that are precious to read and hear. DAF

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