What I Am Working On

When that word showed up on my doorstep that day, I embraced it and said it was mine. At least for the year.

And there are many different mediums and forms and formats. Suddenly being flat and one dimensional as a writer and as a struggling poet has reached a restless place.

I cried out to a fellow blogger and shared with her my heart’s desire to produce my first video blog post (VLOG) and she spoke back.

A community is a living breathing being. And we are in community together. She reached out to me and said “I can help you.”

At the simplest level of our humanness is that desire to be heard and cared for. For a cry to have a response.

And as an artist and writer we may need to have someone come alongside as a fellow writer and say, I can help you with your craft. To develop it in a way you are dreaming about. Hoping for.

I am flat, with an avatar and only written words to the readers of my blog. I have a longing to put my voice and my clumsy hand gestures and my southern accent to my poetry. I want to be a  “three D” me, if only once. Or maybe even more than once.

So this is what I am working on. A short little vlog post with my voice quivering and my poetry shaky wobbly on my lips. My accent revealing a bit of where I am from and my heart coming through in my word choices.

This is me now, in a flat screen back lit world. But this lover of words longs to give them a different vehicle. And send them off riding into the arms of her readers.

So I am off to work on my project and to pick a poem to read.

Have I told you lately how you bless me?

May you be encouraged today in all that you are lead to do, in work, in love, in relationships, and in service.

encouragement the girls


(Photo courtesy of Laura Hutto, Shades of Gray Photography

11 thoughts on “What I Am Working On

    1. Yes we can be if I ever get this done. Harder than I thought it would be. Yours turned out so beautifully mine is…..well ugggg. Im determined to do it but can’t get it right enough even though I want it imperfect. That makes no sense whatsoever.

  1. OH how exciting, friend. And how much sweeter the world will be when your voice spills words all honey-like and your eyes crinkle in the corners and you give more of yourself than is comfortable. I cannot wait for this. Truly. Can.Not Wait!

    1. Don’t know if its truly brave but I don’t know if I’ll do it again either. it is up…..its called What I Am Working On, STILL. I posted twice yesterday. Glad that challenge is behind me…it was scary, Sharon 🙂 But its done. At least people can see I do have a mouth and not just hands for writing…. 🙂

  2. Wow! this is incredible. My brave, adventurous blogging friend. Way to go! Cannot wait to view and hear your voice. Of course, it will not match the voice I hear in my head when I read your posts. When can we expect to see you??? DAF

    1. DAF, its out. I posted twice yesterday. Its entitled “What I Am Working On, Still,” it was the second of two posts I published on Wednesday. It was scary. May not be courageous enough to do it again. But I had this pull, this urge to do it at least once. Who knows maybe I’ll do it once a month or quarter if the feedback is good. 🙂 Thanks DAF for your support and encouragement. …elizabeth

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