The Cowardly Lioness Finds Courage, The End


Joining Lisa Jo Baker and a wonderful community of writers for her five minute friday writing prompt. Today’s word is afraid.

5_minute_friday4The Cowardly Lioness Finds Courage, The End

The beginning and middle are there
But it is the end that matters
The most
It is the end that is a beginning
Starting at the place where the Courage
Was found and the fear fled
Starting over at the point where the spirit of brave
Replaced a spirit of timidity
Beginning anew life of freedom, being born free
Without the bonds of cowardice and fear weighing
Heavy on the backbone and oh the weight and
Oppression in shaking and trembling

But the end is good
And the end is worthy of celebration
And it is as if all the stars shine bright in a celestial celebration
Of new birth
They shimmer and shine
The speak with their twinkling, speaking good news
Of new and brave
Shouting courage for living, courage for flying, courage for soaring
She is born anew

And it is as if the heavens light a candle on the backdrop of ebony velveteen draping
And unveil the new creature

And her name will be


The Lioness who lights up the night sky.


(And thanks for grace for a bit over the five.)


11 thoughts on “The Cowardly Lioness Finds Courage, The End

  1. love this! I love that the end is the beginning. The name unafraid reminds me of “Hinds Feet on High Places” with much afraid, love name changes… thanks for this. have a wonderful weekend. DAF

  2. I love the visual of fear fleeing and Courage being found.
    “And her name will be unafraid” That’s what I want – a name to remind me of what He calls me, what He enables me to be.
    (Thank you for your kind words on my blog this week, too.)

  3. Friend, how I love the triumph here. This line in particular strikes something deep:

    And it is as if the heavens light a candle on the backdrop of ebony velveteen draping
    And unveil the new creature
    And her name will be

    Yes, yes and yes! How our God and all the heavenlies rejoice when we trust him, lay down fear and say yes.

    I love the power of your lines here. How I adore your beautiful, deeply feeling, poetic self. Laying down fear with you…moment by moment.

  4. I’m with Ashley, friend. That last stanza just sang. To imagine that the story of your walk with fear might now be told in the heavens as declaration and glory–it is beyond beautiful. Love.

  5. So beautiful Elizabeth. So very beautiful. To be unafraid. The Lioness. Heaven lighting star after star.
    I think we were both thinking of the stars today friend. . . .:)

  6. Everyone else beat me to it but yes, the ending, the power and triumph there. I feel all brave and courageous now. Like I want to go conquer something! 😉 And random fact, I love the word lioness. Just the way it rolls on your tongue. Good stuff, tonight.

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