The Rest


She hangs on the wall.

A mirror of my mind.

And I long with her and dream with her.

Used to want to ask her what was on her mind.

Now I know.

She is me and I am her.

And I rest in the knowledge that she is Eve.

Every dream, all of them hang with her.

Her gaze is our gaze.

Her stare is our stare.

And so I know the leg up repose of dreaming.

And you do too.

The craving for a chair to dream.

Go there.

A chair to go and write.

Sit there.

A window pouring out the slanted rays for a moment’s pause.

And dream with Eve.

Rest with her, with me.

And gaze a moment maybe more.

Soak in the world, release what stores up in the achey bones.

And sit under the tree of life.

And hang with Eve, the mirror on our life.

Woman, child,

And rest.


(Joining Lisa-Jo Baker at Lisa Jo dot com for her #fiveminutefriday – REST)


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The Cowardly Lioness Finds Courage, The End


Joining Lisa Jo Baker and a wonderful community of writers for her five minute friday writing prompt. Today’s word is afraid.

5_minute_friday4The Cowardly Lioness Finds Courage, The End

The beginning and middle are there
But it is the end that matters
The most
It is the end that is a beginning
Starting at the place where the Courage
Was found and the fear fled
Starting over at the point where the spirit of brave
Replaced a spirit of timidity
Beginning anew life of freedom, being born free
Without the bonds of cowardice and fear weighing
Heavy on the backbone and oh the weight and
Oppression in shaking and trembling

But the end is good
And the end is worthy of celebration
And it is as if all the stars shine bright in a celestial celebration
Of new birth
They shimmer and shine
The speak with their twinkling, speaking good news
Of new and brave
Shouting courage for living, courage for flying, courage for soaring
She is born anew

And it is as if the heavens light a candle on the backdrop of ebony velveteen draping
And unveil the new creature

And her name will be


The Lioness who lights up the night sky.


(And thanks for grace for a bit over the five.)


Once Upon A Graceful Time {A Very Short Story}

Once upon a time a girl lived in a world which was filled with the Beautiful and the Lovely. Every day she looked all around her in wonder and amazement at the gifts of tender beauty, given in love, given from a generous heart. And she looked for a way to end her days with gratitude and thankfulness for the Giver. One night, she looked up toward heaven and saw the delicate winsome white of the full moon against its velvet black background. And it looked like the heart of God. And it looked as if she was looking into the eyes of God. She was amazed at the graceful suspension of this ball, so round, so perfect looking down in watchful love at her and on her. She knew that every night without fail, she could gaze up and somehow find this beautiful moon the way she could always find her Amazing God.So every night as she crawled under the crisp white sheets and her marshmellow puff of a down comforter, she lifted her eyes to the Heavens and thanked and prayed. And this is how she prayed. “Lord I see the moon, an ever watchful eye on your child. Thank you that my day was filled with Grace. It was a Graceful day, a day filled with Grace, because of your Love. I lift my heart and lips to you with thanks. See you tomorrow night, my God. I love you to your moon and back. Amen.”

{Today’s post is part of a writing excercise for 5-Minute Fridays. Where a “flashmob” of sorts of writers in community write for only 5 minutues, with no editing, backtracking, or over thinking. Today’s word prompt is Graceful.}
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{Photograph of the Blue Moon, a gift from my friend, H.M. Miller, whom I love and cherish.Isn’t she talented?}

When One Plus One Equals One

Today’s 5 Minute Friday word prompt is Join… Join me on a five minute writing journey to see where we go. Just five minute of typing away. Knowing you are here with me, joining in, well that’s pure Joy.


How do you wrap understanding around mystery. A God designed mystery of one plus one equals one, standing at the altar in white and black all open hearted and wide-eyed. And walking away you are one.

How do you grasp a life of together where one by one the little ones join you and you become family, united by a name you share and a life you make together.

It is a beautiful mystery of magnificent making. To look back on the days of life since you held sweaty hands and stood wobbly kneed and ran from a shower of flower petals to a waiting car where you held hands with a new name and an unknown future.

And the more days you live the more the mystery deepens of how loving another and making a life is wonderful.

Happily Joining with Lisa Jo Baker at Lisa Jo Baker dot com and her amazing Friday community.