Post Cards – Letters From The Village

sunset over jeremy creek


Right round the corner
On the edge
As far as we could see
There is nothingness
We wish you were here
Its been great to get away from it all
The weather is
Perfect, thank you
For getting our mail
And our paper
Placed at our door with room service
Is excellent
We spent the day seeing
Here is fine
Hoping to come back one day and bring
You must come visit
Never have we seen such beauty
No rain in
Sight seeing nonstop
Unseen, nothing like the brochure but we can’t complain it is really
Perfectly lovely 
This sent with love
More tomorrow, the view is spectacular
We couldn’t fit everything in
And we fall into bed at night
The stars seem brighter
Here, they lost our bags
So far away from the city
No where to shop
You must put this place on your list
Though it’s not really on any maps
Get this off before they close
Never thought I would have my
Fill of good food
The Locals are nice, very pleasant
Not what we expected at all
Things aren’t always as they seem.
Wish you were here
And there
Will definately be a return trip planned
May never get the chance to come back
Seeing it all this go around.

mcclellanville sunset jeremy

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