Postcards From The Ordinary – Letters From The Village

look left look right
on an ordinary day in an ordinary life
there was once upon a time a once in a life time
came an ordinary moment in an ordinary way
to an ordinary girl
with an ordinary way
of waiting on the ordinary things to happen
in their just plain extraordinary way
so an ordinary day in in an ordinary life
is actually extraordinary after all
and all the ordinary moments are framed by a lens of grace and become extraordinarily beautiful
and she sees art in the ordinary
because he replaced her lens on life with the lens to see anew
and it was good. very good.

pond scarf hammock fave

close up cotton

Joining Lisa Jo for and her five minute friday community. today we are writing around ORDINARY ( and I am in need of grace as I did not time my writing and as I ordinarily do, I exceeded the egg timer which was never set.)
5 minute friday-1

5 thoughts on “Postcards From The Ordinary – Letters From The Village

  1. Dear Elizabeth
    Your words are poignantly beautiful! Oh, may our Pappa open our eyes for the gold nuggets that is hidden in every moment of life. Happy FMF and a blessed weekend.
    Much love

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