Poetry, Always


Poetry Always

In the middle of  crashing thunder, noise grinds to a halt.

On the edge of charcoal skies,  radiant glory shines.

Into the broken places, healing.

Plaster walls

Whisper into chambers

Set the captive free with prayers,

Always, poetry.

Wash over the wounded

Cry out a modern day psalmist’s lament or praise

Proclaim beauty wrapped in words

Of poetry.

Leave the world for moments only

Through the portal carved gentle by a phrase or two

Of not prose,

But poetry.

Befriend the friendless, mount up to the highest heights

Go up with a word, lay it down,

An offering,

Always leave the gift of poetry,

Penned in grace, bound up with strands of love,

Potent packages of


Joining Tweetspeak Poetry and 100 Sweet Bloggers for some poetry with Wordcandy.


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