Serpentine Grace

serpentine grace

Before the sleepy’s rubbed and wiped away
At the start of  day in early May, leaves kick their feet
do a manic jig
Fast as the boys jitter bugging
when they returned from war

They tell through dance,
communicate the language of the trees
Leaves look like fingers too, another way
through the panes with sleepy eyes
I am deaf, they are signing
mysteries only trees can know

That with the winds comes a shakedown
It is the way of howling air, blustering power
and might, a change
Words that say what oaks, they know
the bending delivers strength
The branches carry messages for me

braille, for me, the blind one
The one who can not see
Planted in the eye of  storm, in the raging winds

That the dusty blows away
Hitches a ride on the tailwinds in the sky

Before the plans are made and prayers are eeked
And worry settles in the folds
At the outset of  new day

Grace is carried, dropped and settles
On the house, in which I live
And all that’s left for me
The one who simply cannot see

Is wind-blown trust
from the Grace Giver
Golden leaves now dance instead
Gentle musings out my window,

Wind and trees a joyful mix, whispering words

To walk the way that winds, not straight
It’s serpentine
though paved with grace.

Joining Sandra Heska King for Still Saturdays

and Emily for Imperfect Prose
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8 thoughts on “Serpentine Grace

  1. I think I need to get more into the Christian blogging community and get fed by posts like these. The words are so rich.
    And you’re an artist in all senses of the word! The painting is yours right? Everything is just gorgeous! 🙂

    1. Yes friend, do. Yes yes! And I am so glad to have discovered your place over the pond. This is actually a photograph I took of a wonderful old oak tree, and then I photo-edited it. So glad you like it Jennie. Ah, painting. How I would love to have that gift. See you around these interwebs.

  2. I love how much I can relate to you as you see messages and hear words in the leaves, the branches. Thank you, kindred. I need some wind-blown trust today. And that photo/painting at the top of the post…so beautiful, Elizabeth!

  3. Dear Elizabeth
    None of us can actually “see” or “hear” the beauty that sings and dances around us if our eyes and ears are not opened by our God, the Creatir of it all!
    Blessings from Emily’s.

    1. Oh yes the Holy Spirit is gentle that way, He opens eyes and hearts anew with Grace and Mercy and a love for us to see Him at work, loving us and caring deeply for us. Blessings from you. I love it when you come visiting here. Sometimes we allow despair to creep in. I love that he turns our chins back to HIM.

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