A Writer’s Sabbatical Prayer



mom holding rose FAVE

A Writer’s Sabbatical Prayer

Lord, thank you for the gift of words
I praise you for the ways You speak
Lead me as I seek Your face
Walk me by the waters that refresh
And show me how to use Your gift
Thank you for a time apart
To hear you, know you, see your world
Thank you that you trust us to create
I love you, mold me in these seven days of seeking
Your child, your poet, writer, humble friend

Lord send the Holy Spirt, to comfort and provide

Mold me as you would, the clay
Amen and again a hushed and quiet deep amen.



5 thoughts on “A Writer’s Sabbatical Prayer

    1. Oh sweet friend. Thank you . I am struggling with resting, listening, stirring, observing and leaning. And then there is seeking. But yes there will be some resting in there too. Interesting time. I think in the end the change will be good and life-giving. I hope there will be fruit.

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