hat on the boat

It was at the end
Or was it the beginning
Blurred are the lines between the two
They left
Parted ways
Rode off into the sunset
By way of the waves
And left us there
He and I
To stare at the ending time of day
Or maybe the start of evening tide
Quickly the quiet quenched
All that a parched soul
Longed for
Intimacy entangled
And the waves rocked the two
Shed of distraction clothed in the salt
The sea
And all He gave
Creation clothed them in itself

4 thoughts on “Intimacy

  1. Elizabeth, I’ve missed being here. Summer has called me away from my reading often, but to return to your words and see as always such thoughtful, soulful beauty. Thank you, dear, for this picture of intimacy — without beginning or end — yes, isn’t that picture of eternity, the never-ending circle, just what perfect intimacy is like? Sending love to you.

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