Living Under The Fullness

Blue Moon HMM

Living Under The Fullness

Chin up
Sharp as  shadows
Cast on sundial’s round stone timepiece
Watch me tilt my face
I gaze
Moonward, toward the
Pregnant planet, round and white
God knows it will wane
On the other side
Of fullness
In time
And just when it splits
Bursting with
Effervescent  beams
It seems
Ready to drip
Drops of moon light bright
Down, down down
Past the Mily Way
Dropping into the sea
I will prepare my heart for the weight of waning
But for now
I am living under the fullness of glory
I am
Guided by a lone moon’s light
Comforted by the reflection suspended by still
Mirroring my life
Under the countenance of its gaze
I caress the captain of my ship
Amazed by a sleepy
One-eyed sky
All is still
I am
Held captive by a knowing
That for today
And for tonight
We are
Living drenched in moony playfulness
Held by the heavens that
Hold one
Moon and I
Under a perfectly pitched tent of ebony sky
We sing a song
Of far flung gladness
Leaves our lips
A duet of moon-soaked bliss
The notes, dance
Beneath the summer sky
My love, the moon and I.

Joining Laura Boggess for her Playdates At The Wellspring

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