Ode To Home On The Occasion Of The Possibility of Spring’s Arrival


Ode To Home On The Occasion Of The Possiblity of Spring’s Arrival

You have been a strong and faithful sanctuary
A well wrought port in a storm of endless
Winter polar vortices
Iron maiden made of brick and mortar
Oh yet so much more
Boldly you braced me from the wicked winter winds
Is that now in our past
Is Spring preparing us for windows open
Windex polished and shined for her new day
Reflecting your joy and mine
Like a pair of Easter white patent leather
Mary Jane’s, shiny and new
Party ready to spin and twirl and dance with
Delight in Spring’s New Light
Of Day and Day Light Savings Time

Could it be that in this year of a winter that appears
To you as bully, thief and trouble maker, pot-stirrer and
Rebel rouser
We will have a set change, a character change and a scene change soon
Oh home you and I might live to see another Spring
What color shall be plant the window boxes, bright and gay
I say Pink, you say Red
Geraniums, on that we can agree

How will be celebrate the possibility of Spring’s arrival

You, my home desire the fatted calf killed
And the silver polished
And a fresh coat of paint somewhere on your trim
You are a surviver and a hanger-oner
You took your knocks and rode out the cold
Stood head up, chin up, shoulders back

Fearless are you
Let the seasons change
And let us dress you in all your finery
And regalia
Your day has come to feel the breath of Spring
Blow across your red brick cheek
Spring is here, almost
Hold on tight, hold your breath, hold on to hope
We have nothing to fear but fear itself
Well that and that this could be the first year we skip
Spring altogether and go straight to Summer

But we, dear home
Are optimists
And we shall count on Spring
The Weber Grill and charcoal
Have waited long enough

This poem is written in response to my friends at Tweetspeak Poetry and their prompt Ode To Home”

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