By Water


By Water

Dreams were washed
By wave on wave, of cursive lines
Laced in rhythm
Laced in rhyme

Feet were washed
By lapping tongue of salty pluff-mud’s saline brine
Cleansed by water
Cleansed by time

Head was washed
By sacred droplets at the altar, as a child
Touched by holy
Touched by grace

Dive in, I dictate to my heart
And words
Must swim together
Up and down the stream
With and against
Moon-driven tides
The heavens tell the water
The ebb and flow
As a mother to her child
I whisper, you must go

I stand beside the water’s edge
Buried in course shades of broken shell’s tan

Remaining by the water
Sail’s upright
By Water
Moonglow my sole light

Throw each word
And dream into the sea

And by the water
I will stay
Safe by the water

We remain

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