January, Please Stay

January, Please Stay


Reveal the hidden
Within the frozen
Buried deep within the arctic tempered
January, you give us pause
Cause us to hunt
Long and hard
Beyond your surface washed in
Battleship and slate
You seem to keep your brush in tones
Of every shade of grey

But I believe you have secrets
Mystery buried
In these monochromatic days

Coded and encrypted
Still hidden
Earth’s cumulus horizons wear
Her clouded smokey veil
Once we decide to see
The beauty in the shadows
There is glory all around

The lens of longing
Melts mere grey

Revealing nature’s song
Her symphony
A hallelujah chorus
Rocks sing out
In harmony with
Trees, naked, stripped

Quiet preacher of cold truth
please stay

Pour out your liquid silver
Let us cherish it as gold

Linger longer
In the cold with lessons of the Truth

Sit us by the embers of a January hearth
And teach us once again
Your January lessons
School us gently
In your mysteries
We are a people slow to learn
The truth

January, oh January please stay
If only one more day

Joining Laura

2 thoughts on “January, Please Stay

  1. Oh, I LOVE this! The words paint such a picture that is not only for my eyes, but for my soul and heart. I am so glad I came by, Elizabeth. And blessed.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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