Postcards From The Ordinary – Letters From The Village

look left look right
on an ordinary day in an ordinary life
there was once upon a time a once in a life time
came an ordinary moment in an ordinary way
to an ordinary girl
with an ordinary way
of waiting on the ordinary things to happen
in their just plain extraordinary way
so an ordinary day in in an ordinary life
is actually extraordinary after all
and all the ordinary moments are framed by a lens of grace and become extraordinarily beautiful
and she sees art in the ordinary
because he replaced her lens on life with the lens to see anew
and it was good. very good.

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Joining Lisa Jo for and her five minute friday community. today we are writing around ORDINARY ( and I am in need of grace as I did not time my writing and as I ordinarily do, I exceeded the egg timer which was never set.)
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A Wild Ride

She jumps on her keyboard like a kid on his flexible flyer in new white snow and uses what she has, her imperfect hybrid of prose and poetry, a blend of mix of words to communicate her heart, her soul in a five minute race through a life, like the space ship racing back from Mars, with all the stories all the discovery to tell of in a short news blast or bleep or headline, and she realizes that there is a reason she never liked cliff notes, spark notes, condensed telling of long very long beautiful stories. ¬†Stories that tell of chapter after chapter after chapter of the beautiful, the God gifts. She wonders how she could ever, would ever race against a timepiece in her telling of what unimaginable transformation has taken place. She rushes and stumbles and hurries her heart where she knows it would be better to slow and stop and pray and ponder. But she has a short amount of time to tell. So she slows and breaks the chains that tie her like a prisoner to the moving hands of the clock to say that in this place of God created union between the man she knows as husband, the changes…every single last one of them have been the thing, just the thing she needed all along. Each move, each child, each kiss, each hurt. Every sadness, every joy, and every trial. The stress, the loss, the strain, the gain. He knew, the One that brought them out of the sea of humanity into the arms of the other….He knew that she would change Him and He would change Her and that the wild ride down the hill on their flexible flyer would fill them with Joy and a rich rich life of the Beautiful. And they wouldn’t change one thing.

{In full disclosure, I had to CHANGE a letter or two so this piece on Change would not sound like chump change ūüôā I couldn’t let One go uncapitalized when I was talking to well, the One who is Lord. So with one or two minor Changes, this is my five minute Friday writing. Sorry too, that my clock had no hands as it is a computer and that I find it hard to do math in my head while I am racing the clock. GOT GRACE??}

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For Better, For Worse, Till Death

Today is 5 minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s where we write for five minutes on a one word prompt; and today it is on¬†risk.¬†Challenged. Scared. Excited. I will write for five minutes and trust. Thank you for being here today. It is a privilege to have you on this journey. (Linking with Lisa-Jo at Lisa Jo Baker dot com)¬†GO

Risk- For Better, For Worse, Till Death

Everyday is a new start. His Mercies define the new. The beginnings begin anew. We love fresh, we love new. And we start our “I do’s” all over again. Every morning of everyday.

We love, broken. We love hurt. We love tired. We love flat out. And extravagantly. With it all on the line.

And when He leaves for a season, only to come back months later, we start over again with Hope, and Love, and forgiveness.

And there they are again. The new Mercies of His. They are there.

Walking beside Trust.

And when we say I do, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, till death, we risk.

We risk a life of two, merged as one. Invested. Investing. Placing the needs, desires and wants of the individual, of the one behind those of the other.

Because Love invests and Love risks.

It risks everything.

And gains the whole world and a life of love.

Love is risky business, but oh the glorious, indescribable, unfathomable reward.


When Tragedy Shifts Perspective–Looking Through A Lense Of Love

(Today I am linking up with some other bloggers over at Lisa Jo’s The Gypsy Mama. This is a five-minute writing fun excercise where you write for five minutes without editing, just write based on a prompt. ¬†Today’s prompt word is “opportunity”. ¬†This is my first time so we’ll see what flat out writing for five minutes will look like on a page. ¬†Hope its not a big train wreck of a mess.}

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WhenTragedy Shifts Perspective-Looking Through A Lense of Love

The fresh-faced college girls stay in touch after the reunion. And when one hurts there is a dutiful one in the group who is gifted in telling so Empathy and Love can sit beside.

So the hearts of the once perky young carefrees who are now mommas can now know  what life is bringing to bear on this group of women, once locked at the hip by promise and furture, bright opportunity caling out loud.

In the line of the email as it pops up in Gmail I see tragic screaming like a mean siren on red engine fire truck, screaming and honking something is bad wrong. Something deeply painful is out there in the lines of the electronic message.

And later my wise momma friend who loves five deeply and speaks wisdom beyond her years tries to understand right beside me though she is a days car ride away.

She tells how she just tells hers everyday how much she loves them and how wonderful they are.  More wisdom, a deep black column like a monument to Hope and Love stand on the page of the Facebook Message site. It is tall and bold, processing pain looking for understanding.

And all I hear is go look for opportunity to love today.  Go seek ways to tell love anew, to affirm fresh, to spend time being and loving.  Be creative in looking for those small opportunities to just be with your child and tell him you love him as he is, where he is.  This sounds like how Jesus loves me, to me.

But I had to hear tragedy, and loss and hear of a broken beyond imaginable heart of a momma losing her son to send me running, no chasing, no sprinting breathlessly after opportunity today.

{I believe I may have gone over five minutes.  Grace needed here. Grace appreciated here.}

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